ACIMA - No Credit Option Leasing

(Applique hoy con su ITIN)

How it works

With acima, after an easy application process, you can receive instant approval decision to begin your shopping experience, all without credit*. After you choose your item and make a low initial payment, you'll simply make weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly renewal payments.

  1. Apply - Get a decision in seconds

  2. Visit our store and show us your pre-approval 

  3. Be ready to shop and place your order! Pay a low $25 initial lease payment

  4. Agree to your lease agreement - 90-day early purchase option included

  5. Call acima to modify payment frequency and due date as needed

To apply, you’ll need to:

  • Be of legal age (18 years) to enter into a contract 

  • Have a steady monthly income of $750 or more with 3 month income history

  • Have an active checking account

  • Provide a valid Government issued ID, SNN or ITIN, and email address and phone number

Frequently asked questions: 

How much can I get a lease approved for by acima?
ACIMA approves amounts from $300 to $4,000.

How many days do I have to pay my lease? 
The lease is for 12 months but there are multiple early purchase options available

Can I purchase my acima lease early?
Yes! Early purchase savings available

Can I modify my monthly payments? 
Yes! Initial payments are most likely to be set up to be drafted from your account on your payday (weekly, bi-weekly, etc). You can call acima to modify payment frequency and due date as needed.

Can I still be approved by acima if I have bad credit?
Absolutely! acima uses a proprietary approval process that gives you the best chance of being approved. While we may not be able to approve all applicants, we specialize in helping those with bad credit, bankruptcy, or who have struggled with credit issues in the past.